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Ψηφιακή διαφήμιση, προώθηση & προβολή προϊόντων, digital signage, ψηφιακή αφίσα, ψηφιακή βιτρίνα


If you want to download the tutorial of "PROothisi" platform please press here.

Generally about PROώθηση

Is PROΩΘΗΣΗ compatible with all TV sets ?

Yes, PROΩΘΗΣΗ is compatible with every TV set. However, the suggested TV sets, in order to take full advantage of the service (image quality) , are those that have an HDMI input.

Do I necessarily need Master Box in order to have PROΩΘΗΣΗ ?

PROΩΘΗΣΗ is compatible with every tablet device that has android 5.0.0 software or its later versions. For a better and more reliable operation, we recommend you use Master Box to display this application on a TV screen.

Do I need an internet connection in order to display PROΩΘΗΣΗ ?

Yes. The display information is distributed to Master Box through Internet, therefore you need a network cable (ethernet) or wireless connection (wifi) at the place the application will operate.

Can I have PROΩΘΗΣΗ in my own mini pc android stick ?

Yes, you can. But you may face some operating problems of the application (frequent reboots, scripts malfunction).

Technical Issues

What kind of resolution is required for the display of PROΩΘΗΣΗ advertising spots?

Most advertising spots are designed to adjust 1280x720 resolution.

Opening the equipment box

In the equipment box you will find not only a Master Box but also a power adaptor, an HDMI cable, a remote control and a manual describing on how to activate Wi-Fi.

How do I use Master Box?

Master Box requires only two things to operate: the power adaptor that plugs into a wall outlet and the video output cable. This can be an HDMI or an AV one.

What kind of cords do I need for Master Box?

In case you do not have WiFi or the signal is not stable, you will have to get a network cable (ethernet).

Content management

Add a new device

Select "Devices" and then "Add New" from the Navigation menu. In the corresponding fields, type correctly the codes that appear on the TV screen where the application is displayed, and the new device is now ready to use.

I cannot add a new device to my account

Your account may not allow you to add a new device. Please contact the technical department of the company for further information.

Error as you add a new device

Check Activation Number and the password that you enter, and make sure that you type them correctly. If you still have a problem, please contact Technical Support Department.

Edit of my devices

Select "Devices" from the Settings menu. You can rename or delete any of your available devices.

Create a playlist

Select "Playlists" and then "Creation" from the Navigation menu. Type the name of your new playlist and click on Creation. From "Back to playlists" option, you will be led to the page with the available playlists. Once you locate your new playlist, click on the icon with the little pencil. The scheduling list will appear on your screen and that is where you can input content to your new playlist.

How do I input content to my new playlist?

In Playlist Edit, you will see Scheduling List. The right column contains all the available spots that you can use to fill your playlists. Select the spot that you want using drag & drop to place it in the time you want reproduction to start. The spot will be displayed on your TV screen until the time of another scheduled spot of the Scheduling List. If you wish, you can input -using your mouse- a spot of your choice in long-period blocks, saving valuable effort and time.

How can I see which spot I've chosen / I want to choose in my playlist?

Select "Playlists" from the Settings menu. When you find the playlist you want to edit, click on . Move your mouse on the right of the scheduling list. The preview of the spot appears right away and it remains there until you move your mouse again.

How many playlists can I have ?

There are no limits to the number of playlists each user has. In other words, they are unlimited!

How many advertising spots can I have ?

With every new subscription you have immediate access to an X advertising spots library depending on your business field. At the same time you select three designs of your preference from dozens of templates available, and we create your own personal spots.

How do I choose the template I want ?

masterpro.gr hosts a wide variety of advertising designs (templates) for every kind of business. So you can visit the portfolio section and choose the design that, in your opinion, best suits your business. Let us know the corresponding identification code and the advertising spot will immediately be at your disposal.

Can I display more than one advertising spots in one screen at the same time ?

Of course! We can create together a template that divides the screen into as many parts as you want and add the content you want to each one of them.

Does PROΩΘΗΣΗ support sound or/and video reproduction ?

Yes PROΩΘΗΣΗ supports sound and video reproduction.

What are the output options for Master Box?

Master Box can be connected to your TV set either with an HDMI or an AV cable.

Does Master Box need an external power supply ?

Yes. Master Box does not have a battery. Therefore, it has to be connected to a power source.

How do I install PROΩΘΗΣΗ on my mini pc android stick or my tablet?

Get connected to your Google Play account and look for the application ‘’PROΩΘΗΣΗ’’. Install it on your tablet or your mini pc android stick and open the application. Once you register your new device on the management interface, everything is ready so that you can display the content that you like.

Which android version is required for the application?

The application requires an android 5.0.0 software or its later versions.

Edit Playlist

Select "Playlists" from the Settings menu. When you find the playlist you want to edit, click on . You can introduce spots as mentioned in "How do I input content in my new playlist?" question. You can remove a spot or block of spots that you have selected using the mouse by pressing the delete key (Del) on your keyboard. You can save the changes in the playlist clicking on "Save Playlist".

Playlist Selection on a TV screen

Select "Playlists" from the menu Settings and then "Assign to device". Select the playlist code of your preference, and use drag & drop to place it in the corresponding day. If another playlist is not found for the following day, then the same playlist will keep being displayed.

How can I see the new playlist on my TV screen?

Select "Playlists" from the Settings menu and then "Assign to device". Above each TV icon the playlist code for each day is written and inside the TV icon you can see the playlist that is being displayed at that moment.

How can I see what spots are displayed at the moment in my TV screens?

Select "Playlists" from menu Settings and then "Assign to device". The pictures inside the TV icons on the left, show the spots that are being displayed at the moment.

Uploading files in Dynamic Spots

Once you find the spot of your preference, select in column Actions of Dynamic Spots chart. On the new page, you will see scripts and photos that you can edit. Click on and upload the picture or the script of your preference to your scene of the spot. If you want to edit a text you have to click .

How can I see what picture or script I change in my advertising spot?

From the Settings menu, select Dynamic Spots and all dynamic spots available will be shown on your screen. Once you find the spot of your preference, select in column Actions of Dynamic Spots chart. Click on the preview of dynamic data, and a content plan of the selected spot will be shown. By clicking on the name of a picture or script you will make them flash, indicating their position in the scene of the spot.