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Easy to use

Using PROώθηση , you can turn any tablet, or TV into an ad platform. Impress your customers with your advertising channel in smaller or bigger screens. The whole content of the device can be managed online offering you access to the playlist wherever you are. Thanks to the easy software even beginners  can  have success. This is how digital advertising works today.

Additional time and expenses for my business

As a clothes shop owner, I must constantly show my clients new entries.  In sales I must order the stickers of offers and prices in advance and put them in the right place. In addition, it is difficult to highlight stock products in the limited window space and as a consequence I need to change the clothes displayed all the time.

And then i learned about PROώθηση

A friend of mine suggested PROώθηση, which he uses in his business. Working from home I choose what will be shown on the TV screen in my store and the management of the content, through my account, becomes a piece of cake. In the scheduling list I set the duration and the time that everything will be displayed.

I can display easily and quickly all my new entries

Stock products are promoted directly and now I can even liquidate products that could not be displayed in the shop window. Even a last-minute offer is displayed and everyone can be informed about the “day bargains”. In sales there is no need for me to print and put stickers in the shop window as PROώθηση is now my digital salesman.  PROώθηση works for me 24 hours a day even when the store is closed.

With PROώθηση I save more time for my business

All I need to do is program the display content for my clients. Therefore, PROώθηση saves precious time I can spend on important things and money that can be invested differently. Now I don’t have to waste time on constantly changing my shop window or spend money on stickers and printing.And all that at a very affordable cost through digital signage. It is the perfect solution for small businesses with limited budget, like mine.


PROώθηση changes the display & promotion of products and services as known until now.
It introduces a new model of communication and advertising that offers your business:

Reduced Expenses

Reduced advertising costs through the repeated use of advertising space and updated content, without generating extra printing costs.

Consumer's Experience

It improves a consumer’s experience, providing live information through direct instant messages as well as an informative and entertaining content.

Additional Resources

It creates additional financial resources from the concession / sale of advertising space to suppliers and other businesses.

Sales Increase

Digital advertising boosts the image of a business, enhances a consumer‘s confidence and experience, and as a result it increases purchasing desire and sales.

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We recommend you a new communication and advertising model that will provide your business with profits in every field.